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The way cricket was played in the 2nd test match at SCG is plain disgusting. If what happened during the course of the match is not fixing, then I am not sure what is.

Umpire giving some wrong decisions can be understood, but what cannot be understood is all the wrong decisions going in favor of the same team, Australia in this case. Also the umpires are supposed to maintain law and order on the field. In this match law was what the Aussie players wanted. Ponting only had to raise his finger for the umpire to follow suit. A match which should have been won fair and square by India was ultimately won by Australia in a tight finish. Between them, Messrs Steve Bucknor and Mark Benson got as many 12 decisions wrong, an unacceptably high number, and that in the end, allowed Australia to eke out a 16th straight Test victory with at least 7 balls remaining in the game.

The ICC would do good to just strike this match off its record books and re-play the game with a set of untainted umpires. They should also start an inquiry regarding match fixing for this match.

The Indian team would do good to just walk out of this tour and return home. If the results of matches are pre-decided what’s the point in playing the game?

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The wrong decisions:

How they went wrong

Australia (1st innings)

  • Over 13.1, Ricky Ponting on 17 caught behind off Sourav Ganguly but given not out by Mark Benson. Australia 45/2
  • Over 29.5, Ponting given out lbw by Benson off thick inside-edge to Harbhajan Singh. 118/3- The one in favor of india
  • Over 46.4, Andrew Symonds on 30 caught behind off Ishant Sharma, given not out by Bucknor. 193/6. This has to be the worst. The edge was oh so clear !
  • Over 55.3, Symonds on 48 stumped off Harbhajan. Third umpire Oxenford rules him not out. 238/6
  • Over 73.3, Symonds on 106 lbw off Kumble. Benson rules not out. 314/7
  • Over 101.5, Symonds on 148 stumped off Harbhajan. Not even referred to TV umpire by Bucknor. 421/7

India (1st innings)

  • Over 12.3 Laxman on 16 lbw off Lee. Benson rules not out. India 25/1
  • Over 78.2 Sachin on 36 lbw off Clarke. Ruled not out by Benson. 293/3

Australia (2nd innings)

  • Over 41.1, Mike Hussey on 22 lbw to Kumble. Benson rules not out. Australia 133/2
  • Over 53.4, Hussey on 45. caught behind off R.P. Singh. Benson rule not out. 188/2

India (2nd innings)

  • Over 33.1, Dravid on 38 ruled out caught behind off Symonds by Bucknor. The ball had clearly hit thepad, and the bat and glove was totally tucked behind.
  • Over 40.2, Ganguly on 51, caught by Clarke off the ground. Benson rules out without referring to TV umpire.
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