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When I first heard this song, I had dismissed it it as more more boring item number.

But then I heard it again and again on um teem TV channels and it started catching my fancy. And now I am a fan 🙂 This one really takes the cake. The lyrics (by Javed Akhtar) and music (by Vishal Shekhar) and the rendering (by Sukhwinder Singh) ooze confidence. These guys seem to be enjoying every thing about the song.

The situation of the song in the movie (Om Shanti Om) is perfect. A handicapped hero (no hands, no legs, deaf, dumb and blind) has been ditched by his sweetheart. He needs to express is feelings in this situation. So how does he express the Dard (Pain)? Of course by doing a Dard-e-disco albeit in a dream sequence.

Kudos to all ppl involved in this song.

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Lage Raho … Mohandas

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You can kill someone but it’s impossible to kill his thoughts.

How true this is in the case of a particular Mr. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. First they killed the man and then over the years tried their best to kill his thoughts. The school curriculum does try to do an especially good job in making sure the kids grow up having all the wrong notions about the so called father of the nation.

But still the his thoughts linger. Sometime after college I was introduced to Gandhi the Philosopher and suddenly realized what a great person he was 🙂 Of course I do not agree to all of his ideas, but you do have to stop and think over them.

The reason to recollect these thoughts are “Lage raho MubbaBhai“. What a way to re-introduce a great man ! As a movie it’s really good and very entertaining. But what takes it to an higher level is the ideas it presents.

The thoughts of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, trapped in tons of books, under layers of dust, neglected for years, materialize as the man himself when our protoganist, MunnaBhai, spends a few days and nights without sleep going through those books in a last ditch attempt to impress the love of his life. ‘Bapu’ himself then starts advising MunnaBhai on how to solve the problems he faces. MunnaBhai who resorts to “Bhaigiri” to solve problems resorts to “Gandhigiri” for the same with hilarious and thought provoking results.
The movie shows ‘Bapu’ as a normal human being, albeit with a lot of guts and belief that truth is THE way of life. Bapu is brought down from the pedestals and photos, to mix with normal people with everyday problems. His thoughts are made accessible by applying them to situations different types of people can identify with. And herein lies the success of the movie. Well done Rajkumar Hirani !

And as Bapu says at the end of the movie, His thoughts will live on … materializing themselves time and again …


Some of Bapu’s quotes on

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Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

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How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each prayer accepted, and each wish resign’d.

— Alexander Pope, “Eloisa to Abelard”

Everyone will meet and fall in love with the person destined, no matter how far you go to avoid it, even to the extent of erasing the person from memory …….

Would you stop loving someone their memories are erased from your brain? Or would love happen again when you meet the person?

Saw the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind” on the weekend. The movie works on different levels. The presentation is a bit different, a kind of Maze which the viewer has to walk through. One interesting part of watching the movie is moving through the maze and unravelling the story. The other is the story itself. I liked the movie on both counts, but more so for the message it conveyed for me.

The movie is a cool love story between an impulsive, wild, extrovert woman, Clementine and a shy, introvert man, Joel.

They are in love, but hate many things about each other. One fine day, on an impulse, Clementine decides she has had enough of this and undergoes a procedure wherby she erases all memories of Joel. Joel mops around for a few days and then decides that the best way out would be to erase all memories of Clementine from his brain.

The procedure starts. Joel’s brain is scanned and one by one, the memories of Clementine are found and destroyed. Suddenly Joel wakes up to a level of semi-consiousness where he starts becoming aware that the memories he had treasured the most in his life are being taken away from him. He wants to stop the process but can’t. Then starts a fight between Joel and the erasing machine. Joel’s sub-consious mind along with whatever is left of Clementine’s memories tries to hide the memories in places which would not be reached and erased. Joel has treasured Clementine the most in his life and he is really afraid to let her go away. This part is shown very well in the movie. The way Joel tries to hide away Clementine’s memories is extremely well done.

Despite all efforts by Joel, Clementine’s memories do get erased.

He wakes up after the procedure, not remembering Clementine nor any thing related to her. On an impulse he skips work and goes to the beach, where he meets …. … ….. , yes of course, Clementine 🙂

Both of them get together and even though they have forgotten everything about each other (or because of it), start falling in love all over again, Love triumphs !

Love is not about the past .. about the memories … about what was shared between two people. Love is about the present, about what you are, about what you are sharing with someone. Joel feared that losing Clementine’s memories would mean losing Clementine, but that was not to be.

Eminently watchable .. highly recommended.

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