My view of Gandhigiri

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Gandhigiri is not about not hurting anyone, its not all about putting your other cheek forward after being hit on one cheek.

It is about getting your way by causing mental pain to your opponent as opposed to physical pain.

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Lage Raho … Mohandas

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You can kill someone but it’s impossible to kill his thoughts.

How true this is in the case of a particular Mr. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. First they killed the man and then over the years tried their best to kill his thoughts. The school curriculum does try to do an especially good job in making sure the kids grow up having all the wrong notions about the so called father of the nation.

But still the his thoughts linger. Sometime after college I was introduced to Gandhi the Philosopher and suddenly realized what a great person he was 🙂 Of course I do not agree to all of his ideas, but you do have to stop and think over them.

The reason to recollect these thoughts are “Lage raho MubbaBhai“. What a way to re-introduce a great man ! As a movie it’s really good and very entertaining. But what takes it to an higher level is the ideas it presents.

The thoughts of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, trapped in tons of books, under layers of dust, neglected for years, materialize as the man himself when our protoganist, MunnaBhai, spends a few days and nights without sleep going through those books in a last ditch attempt to impress the love of his life. ‘Bapu’ himself then starts advising MunnaBhai on how to solve the problems he faces. MunnaBhai who resorts to “Bhaigiri” to solve problems resorts to “Gandhigiri” for the same with hilarious and thought provoking results.
The movie shows ‘Bapu’ as a normal human being, albeit with a lot of guts and belief that truth is THE way of life. Bapu is brought down from the pedestals and photos, to mix with normal people with everyday problems. His thoughts are made accessible by applying them to situations different types of people can identify with. And herein lies the success of the movie. Well done Rajkumar Hirani !

And as Bapu says at the end of the movie, His thoughts will live on … materializing themselves time and again …


Some of Bapu’s quotes on

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