Moving my blog …

Posted on April 17, 2008. Filed under: Personal | Tags: |

I am moving my blog to

Hope to see you around at the new location !

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One Response to “Moving my blog …”

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I think this must be the week of strange dreams for me. As yet again i had another one. I was in the shopping centre with my family, my boyfriend and some other girls. Me and my boyfriend were standing with my grandma and aunt and realised everyone else had left so my boyfriend was like ‘well if they have left i’m gonna go’ he wanted to go with the other girls…so we left and went to a house but then i wasnt there and it was four other guys talking bout how great their mam’s are and how young they act and everything. Then i was in a van full of people with a tiger that was the size of a kitten but that was its full growth and it had long thin sharp nails and had a weird horn on its head,and everyone in the van had a strange pet but they didnt seem strange until i woke up. Anyways, we were driving down a road trying to get away from people and my boyfriend was there too. We went down old dirt roads past lil farm houses and ended up in a car park in a town, where the lil boy from the show hollyoaks was, and i ran out to get him because he was in the middle of the road and he turned out to be my little brother. Then it turned into a guy holding the boy running from the van we were all in, and there was a girl standing infront of another car in the car park so the man and the little boy ran for her and the van stopped right before it hit them all but they all acted as if the van really hit them so the van backed off and when it was far enough they all got up as if nothing had happened. Then my boyfriend and i were walking towards his car and he kept looking at other girls and it was annoying me a bit, and then he said he couldnt do anything with me because he had plans but it turned out it was because he was hangin out with this other girl..but i woke as i was in the process of breakin up with him.nI know this dream is very odd and very mixed up not sure if you can explain any of it? if not that is ok, i was just very confused when i woke up about how i created my own pet and how it kept jumping to different places with different people. Click

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