Match Fixing?

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Going back to the 2nd test match at SCG I keep wondering about the match fixing angle. No one yet seems to be publicly speaking about this. So I want to know why people do not feel that this is match fixing.

Arguments for match-fixing

  1. There were around 12 wrong decisions made in the match. ALL the decisions benefited  one team. If it would have been just a case of bad umpiring, the wrong decisions should have affected both sides equally.
  2. Umpires refusing to consult the third umpire for close calls.
  3. The third umpire giving a wrong decision. This is almost unheard of in cricket.
  4. Umpire consulting the Aussie Captain, Ricky Ponting on whether to give a batman out.
  5. If a player from either side had dropped 12 catches, wouldn’t he be investigated for match fixing?

For me all these point to match fixing. Maybe I am missing something, maybe I am seeing only one side of the coin.

So all you pundits out there, is there another side to this? Is there any reason not to treat this match as fixed? Or are the umpires immune to match fixing charges?

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2 Responses to “Match Fixing?”

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I believe it was not match fixing. It could be that umpires tend to give decisions in favor of champions. Could be because of the way they appeal. For eg: Rahul Dravid ‘s wicket in 2nd innings. The way Symonds and Gilchrist appealed, and keeping in mind that they are the world champions, umpire must have felt that Dravid had indeed edged it to wicketkeeper. Same theory applies to Umpire asking Ponting for clean-catch of Ganguly. And also to all other dismissals which went against India. Later on even Gavaskar commented that umpires do tend to give decisions in favor of champion side.

Hard luck for India

– Sagar

thats not fair for the Non-Champion Teams.
Australians have a HUGE attitude problems.
basically my opnion is that they could not take the fact that India pushed them out of the 20-20’s and went ahead to even WIN it.
They want to show that they are the ultimate champions come what may, and umpires like Steve Buknor came handy.

Australians are known to be the most Racist people of all the ppl, so allegding Bhajji of racist comments is an irony.

Australians need a lot of soul searching to do ( if thet are capable of doing so), they have turned the one Gentlemen’s game to a Rowdy Game withh Sledging, match Fixing and so on.

Also that can’t digest the BCCI clout with ICCI.

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