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You got to be religious
Insisted my Mother
This way to keep away sorrows
is better than any other
Religion does not tell me
the Truth about Life I said
of how the world functions
and how it was made
Do you really need to know
all of these things?
Don’t you think attaining peace of mind
is above all these things?
But why should I surrender to delusions
when I know that the truth is out there?
I will search for the truth
no matter the path leads where
I searched for the truth
and it lead me here
but the truth was such
that I am still not sure
  There are no truths
  There are no lies
  You are born and therefore
  will live through this life
  There is no grief
  there is no sorrow
  All you are here to do is reproduce
  and for that survive till tomorrow
  For this survival
  you have been given some sense
  And to cover the questions raised (by this sense)
  we had to invent this religion non-sense
  if only we could control sense
  to be doled out in exact proportions
  we won’t be thinking “higher” things
  and be concentrating on matters on hand
  We would be producing worthy offsprings
  and populating the earth
  without needing the briddle of religion
  steering us for all its worth
You got to be religious
I said to my daughter
This way to happiness
is better than any other

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5 Responses to “Truth?”

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Hmmm, really interesting, as always! Good work!


The poem is wonderful…very expressive

Superb. A very thought provoking piece of art.

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